2017: The Search for Wellness

The New Year’s festivities have wrapped up and like everyone else, I am beginning to slide back into that normal routine that existed before the holidays. Laundry, work, writing, groceries, the to do list has changed considerably from two weeks ago when it read: wrap gifts, make pie, find holly.

It’s time to pack up the Christmas ornaments and slide them back into the back of the closet for the next eleven months. It’s time to start the new year, with its mixture of hope and fear.

Like many, I have set intentions instead of resolutions as resolutions are often dissolved by mid February. Intentions have a way of moving us forward without us even realizing that we have moved.

It has become my practice to set my intentions for the year by choosing a single focus word. More on how to choose a focus word can be found at OneWord.com or MyOneWord.org and also at OneWord365.com.

And so this year, I begin the search for Wellness. In my search for wellness for myself and my community, I plan to explore the many dimensions of wellness including emotional, physical, social, intellectual, occupational and spiritual.

Many times I have heard “begin as you want to finish.” So, let’s begin strong.

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