12 Reasons Why You’ve Given Up (Part 1)

But it’s not too late to reach your goals. We are halfway through the new year. So, it’s time to take stock of how far you have come in working towards your goals. Are you halfway to reaching your goals and celebrating your success? Or have you slacked off or given up on your goals … More 12 Reasons Why You’ve Given Up (Part 1)

Get SMART In 5 Easy Steps

Create achieveable goals to make changes in your life. Sometimes we make things harder than it should be. The SMART system of goal setting was created in 1981 and has significant research to support the effectiveness of the system. And yet, instead of creating smart goals, we continue to try to reinvent the wheel. If … More Get SMART In 5 Easy Steps

5 Ways to Stop Little Things From Becoming Big Things

So often we can work through the challenges of daily living effortlessly. Sometimes, though, little problems or small inconveniences build up and can make it difficult to manage our emotions. Recently I helped a friend care for her mini farm while she was out of town. In addition to dogs and a cat, her small … More 5 Ways to Stop Little Things From Becoming Big Things

Reducing Anxiety in Children

In this technological age of instant news and social media at our fingertips, children are bombarded daily with news of school shootings, bombings, war, nuclear threats, genocide, and political extremism. At school and in their neighborhoods children experience peer pressure, bullying, and social isolation. As a result there is a continued increase in the diagnosis … More Reducing Anxiety in Children

On Being or Acting As If

Or, fake it until you make it. Change is difficult. Smoothing out old patterns and creating new pathways doesn’t happen overnight. But is there danger in faking it? Yes, and no. When we use affirmations, we affirm statements that are how we want life to be. “I am healthy, strong, and fit.” We may not … More On Being or Acting As If

Making the Shift: An Evening Ritual

In a recent post I discussed the value of a morning ritual to support focus, creativity, and peace. I have found that a brief evening ritual can support the transition from work to home. Working in community mental health care can be challenging and sometimes stressful. It is important to set aside the content of … More Making the Shift: An Evening Ritual

A WARM Morning Ritual

Those who know me well are cognizant that I do not naturally lean towards rituals, habits and organization. I thrive in creativity and fluidity. However, in my professional practice, I have discovered the value of daily rituals. I have come to discover that well planned rituals can create smooth transitions from home life to professional … More A WARM Morning Ritual

A Mindful Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is often filled with hearts, flowers and high expectations. A recent visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle reminded me of the complexity of relationships. Like this chandelier art piece, life swirls and changes. The deeper you look into your life, the more you see. Take a few … More A Mindful Valentine’s Day

Creating a Culture of Wellness: Occupational Wellness (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Creating a Culture of Wellness in your life. Part one focused on improving emotional wellness.  Today’s post will explore the concept of occupational wellness. University of California, Riverside defines occupational wellness as: “the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time, addressing workplace stress and building … More Creating a Culture of Wellness: Occupational Wellness (Part 2)

7 Ways to Have More Fun Everyday

Life is hard sometimes. We work, attend school, home repairs, shopping, shuttle children, go to the gym, clean the toilet, attend community meetings and repeat it all again tomorrow. Without conscious effort, life can become an endless to do list that we are simultaneously checking off and expanding. What we need is a little bit … More 7 Ways to Have More Fun Everyday