When the lights fade, what’s next?

2013 draws to an end, lighting the way for 2014.
2013 draws to an end, lighting the way for 2014.

The Christmas lights are still up. Driving around town at night reveals the winter wonderland that is my community.

But, it is January 1st. It is the first day of so many yet to be unfulfilled resolutions. Many people will fall off the wagon by the weekend. Others will last until February. Most will have completely forgotten their resolutions by the time the calendar turns to spring.

Sounds dismal. But it needn’t be.

Most resolutions are super-sized goals, much like the super value meal at McDonald’s that we have resolved to avoid. Resolutions are often an all or nothing affair. “I will stop smoking.” “I will lose 20 pounds.” The problem is that most resolutions lack the structure that they need to come to fruition. A resolution without a plan, without action steps, without focus is just a resolution.

So, as 2014 comes flying in and we wave good-bye to 2013, I resolve not to make resolutions again. Instead, I am choosing one word to focus on. One word which will define my path for the year. The one word movement has been growing over recent years and is gaining momentum due to it’s simplicity. Simple, but complex.  Want more information?  Check out the websites below and discover for yourself.




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