Quarantine or A New Way of Life?

Image by 272447 from Pixabay

Weeks have gone by, and each day there are reports about COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths. We read tips for staying connected during quarantine and how to stay healthy. We, or others that we know, are sewing face masks to help prevent the continued spread of the virus.

This is life in quarantine.

And this is our new life.

We will never be the same. We have learned so much in a few short weeks about how to live life differently.

We can work from home. Technology, challenging as it may be at times, allows more people than ever to work from home. We have learned to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype to hold meetings, teach classes, and connect with our colleagues.

We can receive mental health and medical care from home. Therapists have embraced platforms such as Doxy.me and Simple Practice. People who continue to need mental health services can connect face to face with providers who cannot meet with them in person.

We can spend time with our families. Time is now filled with taking walks, playing games, watching movies together instead of commuting. There is more time to gather around the table for dinner and linger to continue the conversation.

As a result, we are changing. We are connecting differently. We are reaching out to friends and family with intention. We are walking more and driving less.

While the quarantine will end at some point, we can choose to carry forward the lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 quarantine. What does that look like for you? A flexible work schedule? Less commuting? Mindful and intentional time spent with family?

What is your new life?

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