Count Down to Christmas, Light by Light

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“Green garlands hung on the walls, and every tree was a Christmas tree full of toys, and blazing with candles that never went out.” ~Louisa May Alcott, A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to Be True.

Christmas is getting closer and while this holiday might look a little different than those in years past, I am filled with joy by the multitude of Christmas lights that blaze in yards across my community. it seems as though people have gone all out to bring some beauty in this season. What a pleasure to see the glowing trees, blinking snowflakes, light up snowmen, and even a mini RV and vintage truck twinkling in the night.

On this last weekend before Christmas, take time, not to smell the flowers, but to smell the Christmas tree and revel in the festival of lights.

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Seeking Health and Happiness One Day at a Time.

Marcy Berg is a writer and therapist living in the Pacific Northwest and exploring thoughts on mental health, wellness, and happiness. She can be found at Growing Through Life and Seeking Greener Pastures.

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